Alan Hughes

Alan is the inventor and president of Set-Rite Products. He has been building homes and additions for over 30 years. During that time he noticed that many plumbing contractors were using a variety of materials (copper pipe, pieces of wood, etc.) to prop/shim up the toilet flange prior to the finished floor being installed. This caused a problem with the flooring contractors having to work their flooring  product (ceramic tile, granite etc.) underneath the flange’s upper support ring. Alan decided to make plywood circles so the plumber could secure the flange directly to the plywood circle. This meant the flooring contractor could tile right up to the flange and the plumber would not have to come back and risk damaging the floor by drilling holes, through the flooring, to screw down the toilet flange. This led to the invention of our Set-Rite Spacer Kits in 2004. Later on, after receiving ideas from plumbers we met at trade shows they asked us if we had a toilet flange that would work with the spacers. So Alan developed the Extender Flange to be included in our Toilet Flange Extender Kits that we introduced in 2008.

  • Awesome Product (No first hand experience yet) but if ya'll built this from durable materials it will be a time saver and a life saver for many many home owners and professional plumbers alike.–tallwill38 - YouTube

Hank the Plumber

Hank is our resident plumbing expert! He was created by Set-Rite to be our cartoon spokesman (don’t tell him that!) He has his own email address and parking spot at our headquarters in Wayne, NJ! If you have any questions about toilet flanges or repair of them please drop an email to Hank at:

  • Great saved me from hiring a plumber and spending way too much money for something I could do myself. Thank you for the videos and email support...It was alot easier than I originally thought it would be.–George P., Pittsburgh, PA


Tom Elliott

Tom is our VP for Sales & Marketing and has been friends with Alan since the age of six growing up in Packanack Lake – Wayne, NJ. He is our Internet guy who does all the behind the scenes work on our websites…so if you have any problems email him!! Tom is located @ 458 Shore Rush Drive, Pawleys Island, SC 29585 Cell: 843-458-0058