Installing the Set-Rite Extender Kit on Top of a Lead Bend

Here is a brass ring which the lead bend is inserted up through from underneath and hammered around the edge on top of the brass ring.

We suggest using a standard wax ring (no black vinyl insert) when installing our Set-Rite Extender Kit because it is an uneven surface. Install a spacer or combination of spacers to bring level with the finished floor.

You can see in this picture how the standard wax ring makes a permanent seal between the existing lead bend and the new Extender installed. (Your Lead Bend will be connected, we just cut off the bottom lead section to demonstrate the seal you will get.)

Above is the 'lip' which was designed, into the Set-Rite extender, to press directly into the standard wax ring and give you a complete water and gas-tight seal between the extender flange and your existing brass ring.

Now...just screw down the whole assembly with the supplied stainless steel self-tapping screws. The screws will go through the brass ring and into your sub-floor easily.