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Toilet Flange Extender Repair Kit

The only Code Approved Toilet Flange Extender ever invented. It provides you with a worry-free, water & gas-tight seal for your toilets. Don’t settle for any of those ‘so called’ extenders… they all will eventually leak…or worse using multiple wax rings!! Watch Alan show you how to do it right with Set-Rite!

24-hour support for installation questions via email: (Attach any photos) or call (973) 694-0014 during regular business hours (9:00AM – 4:00PM EST).


Specifications: The diameter of the Set-Rite Spacers & Extender Flange is 7-1/4 inches. Make sure you will have enough room when installing. You may have to chip away some ceramic tile with a cold chisel or use a dremel-like tool. The outlet pipe on the Extender Flange (yellow) has an outer diameter of 2-7/8" and a 2-5/8" inner diameter. It will fit inside a 3" toilet flange...

  • All I can say is "Thank You" for your extender kit. It was a life-saver since we only have one toilet in our home. I followed the video and read the instructions on the package and it worked like a charm.–Bob P., Omaha, NE

Toilet Flange Too Low? Cast Iron Toilet Flange? Repairing a Lead Bend? New Construction? It doesn't matter...We have got you covered!! Featuring the only Code Approved Toilet Flange Extender Kit...Used by Do-It-Yourselfers and plumbers alike...

New Construction - Use our spacer as a template to make the perfect hole every time. No More Guesswork…Just make marks from back and side walls, line up with indents on spacer and scribe the inside of spacer to cut your hole…It is just that easy!!

Just put in a new bathroom floor? And your flange is too low or unsupported…No Problem. Our kit will do the job!!

Existing Flange?? No problem because our spacers are designed to ‘snap-in-half’ so you can install them underneath your toilet flange first…Then let the tiling begin!!